How To Plan A Meaningful Memorial Service

All memorial services are meaningful. They are a way for us to remember the life of someone we love. That alone has a deep meaning that transcends culture, time, and space. The deeper question at play here might be the following: what do you and your loved one’s family and friends want the service to mean? And, of course: what would the deceased want their memorial service to mean? And how can you plan the service to emphasize that meaning?

Whenever possible, plan in advance

Talk to your loved ones about how they’d like their memorial service to be. You can talk about aesthetic details: what kind of flowers do they want? What kind of music would they like to have played? You can also talk about the themes they want the memorial service to focus on. Is it a celebration of life? Will it be culturally traditional?

You should also talk to your loved ones about what you’d like at your memorial service. It’s never too early to discuss how you’d like to be remembered, and in doing so, you invite others to share the details about how they’d like to be remembered.

Don’t go it alone

Memorial services aren’t easy to plan. Lean on the people closest to you for support. You can delegate tasks to others, or ask one of your friends or family members to delegate for you. You can also lean on funeral directors for support; there are funeral homes in Winnipeg that can help you through the process.

Choose a date

There are plenty of cultural differences regarding when a memorial service should be held. If your faith, culture, or customs don’t guide you one way or another, sooner is usually better. Memorial services are a way for us to process our grief, together. By opting to have the service as soon as you can, you may give attendees a sense of closure (though what closure means differs from person to person).

Lean on faith leaders

For religious people, faith leaders can be an incredible resource. They’ll be able to help you tailor the service to meet the requirements of the deceased’s faith. It’s also possible that they knew the individual well - in these cases, they’ll be able to help you personalize the service.

Choose a meaningful location

If the ceremony is religious, the memorial service will most often be held in a place of worship - when possible, select the place your loved one worshipped at. You can also choose a location that reflects your loved one’s passions - a favourite park or even a preferred restaurant.

Remember the person you’re honouring

This may be the most important element of a memorial service. You should include stories, items, music, and mementos that the person you’re honouring cherished. At the end of a well-planned service, the people attending may know more about the person being remembered than they did before the service. Planning a memorial service can be challenging. If you have any questions at all, we’re here for you.

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