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When it comes to saying your final goodbyes to a loved one, religion and culture often play an important role. Both of these major aspects of life influence the type of service that you’ll want and need. Korban Chapel, a family-owned funeral home, understands the significance that these traditions have to the people that we serve.

Our funeral chapel has always been dedicated to providing outstanding service and meeting your specific needs. This family-owned funeral chapel has been around since 1977 when first established by Martin and Helen Korban. They ran it for many years with the assistance of their son, Richard. Then they passed the business onto longtime friend and professional associate, Joe Coffey, who runs it today with his family.

Despite all the changes that have occurred over the years, there is still one thing that sets Korban Chapel apart from other funeral homes. We specialize in offering cultural funerals that many other chapels do not offer. We wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be laid to rest with dignity and respect and we know that those definitions vary from culture to culture.

Here are just a few of the unique cultural services that we offer:

Filipino Catholic Funeral Services

Many people think that all Catholic funeral services are the same. While it is true that many of them share traditions like reading from hymnals or singing religious songs, Filipino Catholic funeral services are unique. Understanding what traditions are specific to different cultures is crucial in creating an atmosphere that helps friends and family members feel comfortable in the midst of their grief.

One of the main things that sets Filipino funerals apart from others is the long visitation time. Many westerners are used to relatively quick visitations. Sometimes, the window to visit with a deceased loved one lasts for just a couple of hours. On the other hand, Filipino visitations last much longer. It is not uncommon to have visitations that extend to a week or longer because family members and friends come from far and wide to grieve together.

Portuguese Catholic Funeral Services

Portuguese Catholics also have their own ways of celebrating the life of their loved one. One of the interesting things about Portuguese funeral services is the procession. A Portuguese procession may take a very long time because mourners walk alongside a slow-moving hearse all the way to the cemetery. This is the tradition but many modern funeral-goers will drive if the distance is too far.

The hearse used for Portuguese funerals also looks different than the modern white hearse used at many funeral chapels. The back of a Portuguese-style hearse is usually made of glass so mourners can look in on their loved during the procession to the cemetery.

Ukrainian Funeral Services

Korban Chapel is also proud to offer cultural funerals for those who practice the Ukrainian Catholic religion. It is customary in this belief system to have an open casket wake for three days following the death of their loved one. Friends and family members come by the casket to pay their last respects, leaving small items inside it like money, food, and other mementos.

They also leave a bowl of water and a towel for the deceased loved one. They believe that this person drinks the water and uses the towel to dry their tears. Out of respect for their loved one, mourners do not drink anything in their presence.

Faith (Operated)

Korban Chapel’s funeral facilities are designed to make your experience as comfortable and dignified as possible. Our cultural funerals are one of our most requested features because we truly understand the need for custom and tradition. This family-owned funeral chapel is run by a loyal parishioner of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, so we understand the importance of custom and tradition.

If you need funeral services for a loved one, be sure to talk with our capable professionals about the unique circumstances and customs you need. Our faith-operated funeral chapel will accommodate all your needs.

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